Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Swimming with sharks

I decided to make my review on Swimming with sharks by George Hugan. 

The title didn't sound very appealing to me at first neither did the summary. I thought "Oh I don't like business movies...". What got me to watch it was the cast, Kevin Spacey playing the role of the main character. Being a bug fan I swore I would see every one of his movies so I had to see this one. It was a very good choice ! 

It is the story of Guy (Frank Whaley), a recent film school graduate with big ideas who just got a job as the assistant of a big studio executive Buddy Ackerman (Kevin Spacey). All his ambition will soon be crushed by his boss who delights in abusing Guy. Pushed over the edge, the young man breaks into Buddy's house and takes him hostage. The film starts when Guy brakes in and then builds up on flash backs that will help us to understand what brought Guy to have such a break down. The whole film is basically about the Hollywood film industry and how hard it is to reach the top. 

It is very intense, I was tied to my seat the whole time, almost having to catch my breath. It can feel like it is being over dramatic but I still really enjoyed it and the way the movie was built was very clever. I wasn't disappointed by Spacey's performance, he was of course amazing ! He gave us a very powerful performance. 

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