Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Life in a year - my doc treatment

I am making a documentary on exchange students called "Life in one year". That's what we were told before we left, that our year abroad would be like a whole lifetime of experience, so that is why I decided to call it "Life in a year".

It would be a day in my own skin, filmed from the outside. I want it to look like one day unfolding on the screen. I will add interviews of 3 maybe 4 exchange students including myself to orientate what happens. I want to make to show what we experience, what we feel, and the differences between our countries.

~ starts with me waking up in my room, just like in my routine.
~switch to an interview of one exchange student talking about what is different about their morning routine. Take shots based on what they say.
~Driving to school / interview on the first day of school in the US
~arriving to Booker T / comments on our first impressions on our new schools
~filming the dancers in their lockers and maybe a dance class / interview about what we like about the subjects we study
~film a class (?) and/or close ups from different teachers / comments on how different the relation ship between teachers and students are and how laid back the classes are
~lunchtime / filming my friends, the agitation
~following me in the hall way filming back of my head. No one pays attention / interview about loneliness. Add shots based on interview.
~After school. what we do, the mall, christmas (?), more / interview on what we like most, our favorite moments
~home and family shots / interview on how we felt when we first meet our future family and how we felt about spending a whole year with people who were then strangers.
~night time. Skype with family back home / interview on how we manage that
~as an ending, small interviews on what we love about our exchange and how amazing this year is despite the hard times.

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