Sunday, November 3, 2013

Spirited away

This week, I've realized no one in America knew about all the cartons from Hayao Miyazaki, so I've decided to make a review on one of his cartons. I chose Spirited Away, my all time favorite. I've seen it so manny times and never get bored of it. It is not one of those cheesy disney cartons (although I have nothing against them, I actually love it), it is unlike any other. 

It's the story of ten year old Chihiro, moving in a new city. As they try to find their new house, her and her parents come acros a blocked tunnel. The little girl's parents decide to explore what is on the other side of it, as Chihiro feels something is wrong. They discover a beautiful town that seems abandoned. FInding a giant buffet her parents start eating and Chihiro goes wandering on her own. When she goes to find her parents, they have turned...into pigs. She is now trapped in the spirit world forever...until she finds her way out. 

It is just a beautiful carton with authentic water color drawings, all very pure and colorful. It is poetic, fun, wonderful. I advise it to everyone, children or adults. If you like it, watch all the other ones, they are ALL amazing.

Alright the trailers on youtube aren't very good and I really advise you to watch the movie in japanese because ANY OTHER LANGUAGE sounds awful.

I put the japanese trailer and the french one because I think it reflected the movie very well. You can watch it even without speaking french, the pictures speak fro themselves.

That's the french one.

Midnight in Paris

As a French girl, I have an unconditional love for Paris. Paris, Paris, Paris... To me, one of the most beautiful city in the world. Directed by the wonderful Woody Allen, this movie is a hymn to the city of lovers. All the shots are beautiful, filled with magic. Lead by Owen Wilson and the gorgeous Marion Cotillard, it is full of poetry and love of any kind. You can also find oher french actors like Gad Elmaleh (also my favorite french humorist, he is hilarious !) or Lea Seydoux. Very beautiful, very french. If you want to understand our culture, watch this movie. If you want to feel the admiration I have for Paris, watch this movie. If you just want to have a good relaxing time, watch this movie. To sum it up, whoever you are, watch this movie.