Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Lives of Others - Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck

Hey guys ! This week I chose to make you discover a European movie ! One of my favorites, a german movie by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck (if you managed to read the entire name, you have my full respect). Das Leben Der Anderen, the lives of others. This movie is just beautiful.

It happens Berlin-east during the cold war, a dark faze of the german history. If you don't know a lot about how european lived that period, this is the perfect movie learn (and i bet you don't because you guys only learn about america during the cold war in school). As you know, at that time Berlin was divided in two parts, west and east Berlin, one belonged to the Allies and the other belonged to the sovietocs. What you maybe don't know is that the living conditions in East Berlin were terrible. The society was controlled by the Stasi (basically the german CIA at the time). And the story starts with two caracters, good in their own way. One, Georg Dreyman, is a successful playwright; the other, Gerd Wiesler, is the Stasi officer who spies on him. The first one is handsome, successful, charismatic whereas the other appears to be the perfect caricature of the Stasi officer: cold, strict and insensitive. As the story goes on, Gerd discovers that Georg is leading illegal activities that could lead to the end of his career. But he also develops a fascination for the artist and, more globally, for art its-self. 

The atmosphere is cold and gloomy, very powerful, you can almost feel it. The beautiful soundtrack ties the whole movie together. 

This is a very touching movie on the power of art and it's impact on people's lives. Moreover it's about friendship and choices. In depth, it talks about humanity. The end is just magnificent. 

I really liked this movie. I am a big fan of historical movies but this one combined it with very strong human emotions. I recommend it to anyone. And please it in german ! 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

To the wonder - Terrence Malick

I chose to do my weekly review on "To the Wonder", a movie by the one, the only, the great Terrence Malick. As a very very very big fan of his work, I've been wanting to see this movie in ages but just couldn't find the time. Finally, I did. And I wasn't disappointed.

If you're looking for a lot of action, I wouldn't advise this movie to you because as many of Malick's movies, it's all about the beauty of the moment, gestures and silences. Almost no script, it's as you were looking at a moving piece of art. An amazing piece of art. I was captivated from the very beginning. I think his movies have the ability of touching anyone who watches it with attention. Of course, if you try to understand it, it becomes a little complicated. Everything is suggested, nothing is shown, only symbolism. Each one can interpret it as he wants. 

In a few words, To the wonder is a complex and tragic love story. It's a one of a kind movie that can be hard to enjoy but i loved it and advise it to any dreamer or lovers of beautiful pictures.


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Avant-Garde Project

Hey guys ! As you may (or may not) know, we were asked to make an avant-garde movie in our film class. Here's what I'm planning on doing.

I was thinking about making a video that would be a definition of the word "missing". For that, I'd like to interview a bunch of people and ask them what this word means for them and use their testimonial to inspire my shots. The movie would be in black and white. I picture it pretty melancholic.

So far I have a few ideas for my shots.
- hands touching/holding
- hugging
- a girl sitting on stares
- a girl lying down, looking at the sky
That's not much and it really changes a lot. And as a soundtrack I'd use some parts of the different testimonials I've collected.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Hi everyone ! A new week has gone by so you know what that means... A new film review ! This week I've decided to make a review on "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind", an off-the-wall romantic "comedy" (that's what internet says but i think it has mainly a lot of drama) by Michel Gondry. I've already seen it several times but i decided to watch it again for you guys. Awww I'm so committed ! First thing I thought when I saw the movie poster was "Waw, great cast ! A load of famous guys !". In fact, the two main carters are played by Jim Carrey and Kate Winsle. There is also Kirsten Dunst (The Virgin Suicides) , Mark Ruffalo (Shutter Island) and Elijah Wood (Frodo in The Lord of the Rings guys !). I'd say the atmosphere of the movie is pretty particular... Very romantic, strange, sometimes a little confusing and very melancholic. But i loved it (proof is I've seen it again and again).

It's the story of these two lovebirds, Joel and Clementine. One day, Joel receives a letter to inform him that his current girlfriend, Clementine, has erased all hints of their relation ship from her memory by an experimental procedure performed by Dr. Mierzwiak. Confused, Joel walks up to his medical office and finds out that she didn't want to hear about him ever again. In state of chock and sorrow, Joel decides to get his memory erased as well. During the procedure, he realizes he wants to keep those happy memories and has to fight in his own mind to save them.

This movie is the struggle of a man who tries to avert heartbreak. It's imaginative, beautifully made, unusual but magical, captivating and full of emotion. A movie that will leave you pensive and that you won't forget any time soon.

I chose a fan made trailer because the original doesn't correspond to the movie at all. Do not watch the original...

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Film review of the week - Crash by Paul Haggis

Okay guys, English is not my main language so excuse me in advance for all  the spelling mistakes, I did my best haha. 

 I recently watched (for the third time) this movie called Crash. It was directed by Paul Haggis. Ring a bell ? I'll refresh your memory. What if I say Million Dollar Baby or Quantum of Solace ? Now you know who I'm talking about. Anyway, I absolutely love this movie. Now I'll try to explain why.

   The movie takes place in Los Angeles. The city "where people never touch". Throughout the whole movie, lives of very various characters will intertwine. All are part of different ethnic groups, blacks, whites, latinos, asians, cops or attorneys, thieves or immigrants, rich or poor. However they have one thing in common: racism. Victims or oppressors, they all end up guilty.  It contains hurt, cruelty and darkness, but this movie is all about second chances. 

    The camera work is beautiful, every picture is like a painting (and for that it got the Oscar for the best motion picture). The actors performances are very intense and on top of it all comes a magical soundtrack. 

   This movie is fascinating, unpredictable, beautiful and has the ability of reaching your soul, but it mainly is a message of hope.

Here's the link for the preview: