Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Into the wild - Sean Penn

Guys this is my favorite movie of all times. Well ok not really because there is so many awesome movies that it's hard to make a choice. But let's say he's in my top 5. Anyway. This movie is the most beautiful hymn to freedom I've seen. Adapted by the awesome book of Jon Krakaurer (that you must read by the way), it is about this young man who, feed up by society, decides to leave his cosy life behind to walk all the way to Alaska and live...Into the wild. Throughout his adventures he will get to meet people who will change his point of view on the human race and eventually heal him from his bitterness. Not only is it a journey of the mind, it is a journey of the soul. Breath taking shots and a perfect soundtrack make this movie complete. A critic of today's society, a spiritual journey of a young man and a hymn to nature, beautiful, touching, clever, deep, hypnotizing.

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